You Kill Me Movie 2007

“You Kill Me” is a 2007 dark comedy film directed by John Dahl. This offbeat and darkly humorous film explores the unconventional life of Frank Falenczyk (played by Ben Kingsley), a hitman struggling with alcoholism and a unique approach to his profession.

The Story

“You Kill Me” introduces viewers to Frank Falenczyk, a Buffalo-based hitman who has a rather unusual problem for a contract killer: he’s an alcoholic. His drinking habits start interfering with his job, prompting his mob boss, Roman Krzeminski (played by Philip Baker Hall), to send him to San Francisco to dry out. In San Francisco, Frank begins attending AA meetings and takes on a job at a funeral home, where he meets Laurel Pearson (played by Téa Leoni), a woman dealing with her own struggles. As Frank embarks on his journey to sobriety, he discovers that quitting drinking might not be the only thing he needs to change in his life.


The film features a talented cast, with Ben Kingsley in the lead role as Frank Falenczyk. His performance balances the character’s dark and comedic aspects, making Frank a complex and engaging protagonist. Téa Leoni delivers a compelling portrayal of Laurel Pearson, and the chemistry between the two leads is a highlight of the film.

Themes of Redemption and Change

At its core, “You Kill Me” delves into themes of redemption, personal transformation, and the possibility of change. Frank’s journey to sobriety becomes a metaphor for his desire to leave behind his violent profession and start anew. The film explores the challenges of breaking free from destructive habits and finding a more meaningful path in life.

Dark Humor

The film’s dark comedic tone adds a layer of satire and irony to the story. Frank’s profession as a hitman and his deadpan sense of humor create moments of dark humor that provide levity to the overall narrative.

Unconventional Love Story

“You Kill Me” also offers an unconventional love story between Frank and Laurel. Their relationship is marked by quirks and challenges, yet it becomes a central and heartwarming aspect of the film, illustrating how love can emerge in unexpected places.


“You Kill Me” is a darkly comedic exploration of redemption, change, and the unconventional paths to personal transformation. With a standout performance by Ben Kingsley and a blend of humor and introspection, the film invites viewers to reflect on the possibility of leaving behind one’s past and embracing a new, more fulfilling future. If you appreciate films that combine humor with themes of personal growth and change, “You Kill Me” offers a unique and entertaining cinematic experience.

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